Google Adwords Agency

Let our team of google adwords experts manage your campaigns with bespoke package to suit your business needs. Sit back and watch the traffic come in while tracking all new leads right on your monitor.

Pay Per Click (PPC)


Basic Package

For campaigns with small(£1,000-£3,000)/mo budget. Includes Search Network Campaign only.


Starter Package

For campaigns with medium (£3,001 – £5,000) / mo budget. Includes Search Network Campaign, Display Network, and Remarketing.


Advanced Package

For campaigns with large (£5,001 – £10,000) / mo budget. Includes Search Network Campaign, Display Network, and Remarketing.


Knowing When It's Time For A PPC Campaign

PPC is just a part of your drive to establish an online presence for your clients. So how do you know when it’s time for a SEM strategy?

Time is of the Essence
You have already started an SEO strategy, which can take time but your client wants to be at the top of the results page now!

Filtered Results are Preferred
PPC utilizes social media platforms which allows you to target a range of demographics and preferences.

Your Clients Simply Want the Best of the Internet
Your SEO strategy is already showing results and you believe there’s still more people to reach! So a PPC campaign it is!

Sometimes, They Just Have to See it Again

There are a lot of reasons why someone might not convert on your site the first time they visit. With remarketing, your clients’ potential customers will have another chance to become actual customers. We implement the right remarketing strategy for your campaigns to convert leads and bring business back to your clients.

    •  Remarketing Graphics
    •  Responsive Display Ads
    •  Remarketing Lists

Certified Google Adwords Partner

Our AdWords specialists are certified partners of Google and Facebook with years of experience in search engine marketing. We make it easy for you to focus on providing a great client experience and customer care while we drive growth to your business. We specialize in the following areas of expertise:

  • Search Ads – By targeting a keyword, your  ads can show at the top of a search engine results page.
  • Mobile Ads – Your  ads right in the palm of your potential customers’ hands. That’s right where you want them to be.
  • Display Ads – Google Display Ads can be on any of Google’s network sites: YouTube, Gmail, Blogger, and more.
  • Video Ads – People love videos. The best video ads make people forget they are watching an ad and pulls them in for 90 seconds.

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