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Why Do I Need Website Maintenance?

To properly maintain a WordPress site, it is critical that you keep all plugins updated, databases optimised, constantly scan for malware and monitor your site in case it stops working.

If something does go wrong, you will want to be sure you have a solid action plan to restore your site and get it up and running as soon as possible.

Depending on what you are confident in maintaining, we offer three plans to help manage your site. If you need additional services or anticipate more monthly changes, please let us know and we can customise a plan based on your needs.

Maintained Websites
Years Of Services

What You Really Get!

WordPress Core Updates
Making sure you have the latest version of WordPress is something we take care of for you. If it fails, we can restore your site from a backup.

Daily Backups
Don’t worry about complicated backup plugins and hoping they are working. We will create a nightly backup and restore it for you if needed.

Firewall Protection
If any suspicious activity is noticed, a firewall will block the intruder. Your site is protected from hackers before they even try to attack your site.

Security Scans
Backed by Wordfence, the leading provider of WordPress security solutions, all of our clients get the benefit of world-class malware scanning and removal.

Premium Plugins
Many of our sites include premium plugins that require annual fees. When we manage your site, we include these premium plugins at no extra cost.

Change Requests
Have a change that you can’t remember how to make. Let us take care of it for you. Each plan includes time for changes.

Phone & Email Support
Yes, email support can be efficient, but sometimes it is easier to explain it over the phone. Feel free to call us…we love to help.

Plus More...

Monthly Report
Based on your plan, we will keep you posted on what we have been working on and / or what may need attention.

WordPress Plugin Updates
Let our team keep your plugins updated so your site runs securely and as fast as possible. If something breaks, we will get it fixed.

Database Optimisation
As your WordPress database grows overhead can slow down your website performance. We will clean up any excess overhead.

SPAM & Revisions Cleanup
We will eliminate spam comments and post revisions to reduce the clutter and keep things running optimally.

Uptime Monitoring
When your website goes down you could lose business / buyers. If your site goes down, we will be the first to know and get it back online.

Performance Review
Speed is extremely important for visitor satisfaction and SEO. Our team will review your site and identify what can be improved.

Performance Tuning
Any items we discover in our Performance Review will be automatically taken care of for you. Up to your included time.

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Seo Consultants London

Other Services

Lead Generation Services

The definition of a lead is “a qualified prospect that is showing interest in your product or service”.

Leads mean everything to your business and your sales growth. We love making businesses successful our campaigns are strict GDPR compliant, we leave nothing to chance.

Our Lead generation Process attracts prospects who have demonstrated some interest in your products and services your company has to offer it’s then your job to do what you do best, close them and then add them to your client database. Our Lead Generation Services

Paid Advertising Services

Paid Advertising is a highly effective tactic allowing targeting, engaging with and converting your target audience. our team assist you to understand where your audience is spending time online and how can we attract, engage and convert then.

Using built-in social network advertising tools, we can target an audience so precisely so that the right people are seeing your message, proven to receive higher click-through-rates and better ROI.

“Our Digital Marketing Solutions allow you to spend your advertising budget in a measurable target driven approach”. Paid Advertising

*Link Building Services

We will ensure that your content is put in front of your target audience.

Basically we won’t be just building links for the sake of it that is an outdated method. We will create excellent quality content that reflects your brand’s values and image. We are talking about compelling content that increases referral traffic, boosts brand awareness and ultimately improves rankings!

We will build a 3 to 6 month link building strategy that is personalised to your company. Our services aren’t set in stone – we will adjust them according to what your competitors are doing and what other SEO activities your company are engaged in.

However, the services you can expect include: A link profile audit, Paid Ads, Guest blogging, Site owner outreach, Link reclamation, Influencer outreach & content creation. Our Link Building Service

What is App Store Optimisation?

Simply put, App Store Optimisation (ASO) is the process of increasing the visibility of apps in App Stores.

Algorithms are used to determine how apps rank in App store search results. Several factors contribute to how apps are ranked such as the number of downloads, ratings & reviews, the number of uninstalls and more.

App ecosystems such as Google Play, and the iOS App store have billions of apps and get millions of downloads every day. Our App Store Service

Webdesign Upgrades

Whether your target audience is local, national or global our web design packages are the ideal solution. We collaborate with you, and together we can develop high-quality, SEO-ready websites.

We provide a conveniently quick turnaround time from approval to deployment with our creativity and industry know how we truly work to create something that your company will be proud of.

Our creative and technical experts are passionate in there work and always looking to exceed expectations. Our WordPress Websites

We Manage Your Website 247

To properly maintain a WordPress website, it is critical that you keep all plugins updated, databases optimised, constantly scan for malware and monitor your website in case it stops working.

If something does go wrong, you will want to be sure you have a solid action plan to restore your website and get it up and running as soon as possible.

Depending on what you are confident in maintaining, we offer suitable plans to help manage your website. Our WordPress Maintenance

What is SSL?

SSL – or Secure Sockets Layer – is the standard for establishing an encrypted connection between a web browser and a web server. The encrypted connection uses cryptography to obscure the data being sent between the two parties, so that the data remains private and untampered with.

SSL is the only widely deployed solution for encrypting information in transit and is the result of years of collaboration between industry leaders. SSL is used by millions of people every day to secure website connections.  Our SSL Certificate Service

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  • I am very impressed with the results you have achieved I have found Shane and the team to very helpful and thorough in all our dealings. Thanks again.”

    Dave Simmons
  • Achieved significant improvements in our cost per conversion. The team that has been assigned my site continues to demonstrate great communication and knowledge regarding not only link building, but also on and off-site SEO practices as well.

    Navross Rousello
    Marketing Manager
  • Great return on investment, they have transformed our online visibility quicker than we expected at a very reasonable cost – a great return on investment.”

    Karina Swanne
    Sales & Marketing
  • When we initially took up their services, we were worried that being a very busy company, the communication wouldn’t be good. Luckily we were wrong, because they are always prompt and punctual in all their communication, whether it be by email or telephone. I would definitely recommend.

    Franklin Rosen
    IT Manager
  • One way of making a business advance is when you find a suitable partner. We consider Shane Media our business partner because they has helped our business grow. We initially started with Google Adwords, but soon decided to use their full SEO services. Keep up the Great Work Guys.

    Susan Finch
    Operations Director
  • Shane Media are unique with how they handle projects. They never quit until they reach the agreed objective. Shane also advised us on what to do and what to avoid for us to stay ahead of the tight competition in our niche , Thanks for all your help guys.

    Jasinder Farooq
  • I’m genuinely excited at the prospect of your involvement and the results that I anticipate you’ll bring. At last, an SEO consultant with integrity. Thanks

    Malcolm Phipps
    IT Manager
  • I can safely say that for every £1 we spend with Shane Media for SEO, we get at least an £8 return. Keep Up The Good Work

    Zeena Pascal
  • They were able to quickly come up with a strategy that worked for our company in boosting our natural search results to page #1 on Google and Bing

    Pierre Montala
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